Meet Me at the Repast Comedy/Drama Dinner Stage Play - (Millersville)

Posted on: 09/17/13


Mike and Tanya (formerly Blount) presents a hilarious and equally poignant stage play, “Meet Me at the Repast.” The story follows the life of a middle class family who have a family secret. The characters are faced with the truth after the death of the family matriarch.When all of the family is forced to be present to read the will, the family gets a chance to see how they all really feel about one another. While coming to the reality that their loved one is dead, it soon becomes painfully clear, that this family is in trouble. “Meet me at the Repast” stars Michael Trotter Jr., Tanya Trotter (formerly Tanya Blount) and a supporting cast of incredible singers and comedians. The powerful stage play features music written by Mike and Tanya and delivers enough laughs to keep audiences laughing from start to finish. Tickets price $45.00 VIP Tickets $55.00 (Valued at $125.00) Log onto to purchase your tickets

Ad Number: 21200673