Technique Demonstration by Artist Roberta Ahrens Spring Poppies on Cracked Linen - (North East)

Posted on: 02/26/13


'ART HAPPENS' Friday Evenings - Stop by for Wine and Inspiration!Friday, March 1st: 6 - 9pm 'Inspiration Revealed' An Evening with artist and gallery curator Roberta Ahrens Come enjoy an evening of inspired expression with artist Roberta Ahrens. Experience her creative process, from sketching to painting. See how she carves and illuminates the beautiful surface of her handmade cracked linen. Roberta will bring several small Cracked Linen canvases and show how she paints multiple pieces at once- from simple sketches to splashes of color that seem to dance across the canvas. These pieces will be the beginning of a new series of Spring Poppies for an upcoming show for 2013. "One of the influences that fuel my desire to paint is having the ability to bring this beauty, this vision, to almost any size canvas. There is a certain balance in the feeling of the piece that works. It’s a feeling that is immediate. It’s right now, bright, intense and happy." --- Roberta Ahrens

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